Since the introduction of Mac OS X 10.5 the Spotlight search function will no longer find files in certain System related folders. This is likely to have been done to help prevent users from accidentally deleting files the System may require to operate, however this also makes it less simple to find files when troubleshooting problems. Specifically files within the /Library/, or ~/Library/ folders may need to be found and removed to sort out issues one may be having with certain software. Note: in Mac OS X 10.7 and later to get to the ~/Library folder you need to press the OptionKey, and then use the Go menu in Finder to open it instead of simply opening a new Finder window as in 10.5.

An often used solution for GarageBand issues is to remove its preference files so that it may create fresh copies. In previous versions of the OS it was a simple matter to find these files by simply searching for "GarageBand", however, since these files are located in the ~/Library/ folder Spotlight will not look for them unless explicitly told to do so. Fortunately it's as easy as starting out with the ~/Library/ folder open in Finder...

Open a New Finder Window
New Window Menu

Navigate to your Home folder and then find your Library Folder

Open the Library folder, and set up the search to look in your Library Folder for "garageband"
Search Set up

When Spotlight is explicitly told to search the Library folder, it works flawlessly, as one would expect.
Search results

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