Getting that "Little Bit Extra" out of GarageBand

  1. Fat Guitar Sound
    To get a nice fat sound on an acoustic guitar I like to use two mics. Exact placement may take some experimenting depending on your environment, guitars, mics, etc, but hopefully this will give you a good starting point... I like to use a condenser mic pointed at or near the 12th fret with an SM57 over the guitarist's shoulder pointing down towards the bridge. To help prevent phase cancellation remember the 3-to-1 rule: For every 3 inches the mics are apart, they should be 1 inch away from the guitar.
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  2. Recording 16 Channels at a time
    Although it's only possible to record 8 tracks at a time, each track can hold 2 channels, so it's possible to record 16 inputs (channels) at the same time. The catch is that after recording, you need to solo and export each track split into 2 mono files, and then drop these 16 files back into a GB project, thus giving you 16 tracks (and all recorded at once)
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