Misc Loops

Warning, you could easily spend weeks just D/Ling and trying these things out, don't forget about making music!

  1. ACIDPlanet: Free 8-pack of misc loops released every week with an example song made from them.
  2. Free Loops: Just what the domain name implies, free loops for the taking
  3. Chrisdude Blue Yonder : 30 or so Guitar samples and loops.
  4. Smart Loops: "Access to to hundreds of free loops in ACID, REX2 and Apple Loops formats." with registration.
  5. VRSound: Lots of free samples to check out.
  6. Break Beat Guitars: Around 20 packages of guitar loops, and lots of other categories as well.
  7. MacIdol: Download loops, audio and even guitar tabs for use with GarageBand
  8. iCompositions: The Members Only area (free registration required) offers free Loops from Drums on Demand, Bandmatesloops, PowerFX, Perimeter Sound Arts, and Smarts Loops
  9. MacJams: Over 100MB of free Loops
  10. TuneMedia: Over 100 Loops
  11. AMG & iCompositions: over 250MB of free Loops
  12. MacAudioGuy: 17MB of free Loops
  13. BBC: OneMusic Sample Bank, over 1,000 free music samples for you to use
  14. MacLoops: Over 200 free loops

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P.S. be sure to read any licensing restrictions the web sites may have on the use of their software

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