GarageBand (Part of the iLife Suite of software) is multi-track recording software from Apple Computer.

Though it's generally pitched as software for creating songs using pre-recorded "loops", it offers up to 8 Tracks of simultaneous recording and a total of up to 255 Audio Tracks, and 64 MIDI tracks, all depending on your hardware. This software, part of the iLife suite, allowed the A Highway Song album to be Recorded, Mixed and Mastered on a (relatively speaking) shoestring budget with professional results.

I'll be updating the FAQ and moving it to this web site soon

The GarageBand FAQ has been updated, expanded with tutorials, hardware and software recommendations, and lots more (over 550 pages site wide, and growing) and uploaded here. The old site is now deprecated, and you may consider it soon to be an Ex-FAQ, past it's curtain call and ceasing to be!


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