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Mostly I just wanted to have a place to keep some memories. This page is likely to be under construction for a while as I try to pull the memories together, but I have gotten started:

High Rider was the first song we recorded for this album. Jozey and I were in the process of putting together yet another group of musicians when I got some new equipment and recording software. Just for laughs, as a side project, we recorded High Rider, a song we had written in 2001.

It had been quite a while sinse we spent any time in the studio, and we both enjoyed the recording process, so we decided to scrap the band, and start writing and recording this album.

While we were very happy with the results at the time, the Analogue to Digital Converters we were using were sub-par, and the quality didn't hold a candle to our later recordings, so we decided early on that we would re-record it, making it both the first and last song recorded for A Highway Song

While I've written Lyrics for years, I never took a try at writing the music. I decided it was time to give it a shot, bought a small MIDI keyboard and began teaching myself how to play it. The end result was the first song I'd written completely by myself, words and music.

I played it for Jozey, and he said it liked it so much that we should include it on the album. He wrote the bridge for it, and our second song for the album was born.


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