I wanted a place where I could list some of my favorite bands of all time. These bands, old and new, are groups that I listen to all the time, and think you might find interesting as well.

What you'll find here is not only a listing of my favorite albums (and links to purchase them) but whole histories of the groups, some very indepth! Scroll down past the album listing for these.

I'll try to keep adding to these pages as I dig up more histories, so check back often, learn about some of your favorite bands, and find out about some of which you may never have heard.

Note: genres for bands often are tough to nail down, so it's not always easy to classify a band (thankfully, really, how dull would THAT be anyway!), so for the sake of completeness, bands that cross genres will be listed in each genre.

What can I say, I like a Lot of styles, and I keep my iPod loaded with lots of music. I hope you'll find some great new music here!

(BTW, you can be sure that I'll be listening to each band as I develop their web page!)


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